Metabolic Syndrome - Worldwide Epidemic

This article is to share my experiences how to lose weight, heal digestive problem, lower blood sugar and cholesterol naturally.  If you'd like to improve your image, self confidence and healthy body, please read a whole article.
Metabolic Syndrome - Prevention or Treatment

The metabolic syndrome becomes worldwide epidemic. Some sources indicated that one out of four people are having a metabolic syndrome, and most of them are not aware that they’re having this syndrome!Symptoms of the metabolic syndrome are, for example, obesity, diabetes, heart attack, stroke, digestive disorder, joint pain, asthma, depression, insomnia, cancer, etc.A main culprit that has caused this syndrome is mainly carbohydrates (carbs) from the food we have eaten every day.The examples of high carbs foods are white bread, rice, pasta, cereals, donuts, white sugar, fruit juices, soft drinks, energy drinks, etc. Another culprit that contributes this syndrome is stress.We are living in a stressful society bec…
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